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Success in job interview

By A Staff Reporter

The objective of the book by marketing expert, Dr Ranjeet Mehta, is to provide guidelines for aspiring job seekers, who are looking for their first job and also for candidates who wish to change their present job and want to be more successful in life. Many books are written about job interview guidelines. Most of these are focused on only basic elements of job interviews. Those guidelines only give you the basic tips for facing the interview board.

Employers too are becoming more and more choosy. Gone are the days when they hired a person based solely on his academic credentials. Nowadays employers are looking for punctuality, a clean and tidy appearance and the right attitude. A candidate is usually faulted for ineffective communication skills and appearing to be unfocused.

Having negative attitude towards life is one of the most serious attributes a candidate can have and most of us choose not to associate ourselves with them. Employers feel exactly the same, and they wish to fill up job vacancies with people with positive attributes and full of ideas who want to work together with others are as a team to help the company. Not being enthusiastic is one of the basic mistakes many candidates make while appearing for an interview.

The purpose of this book is to give you an insight, through case studies and a wide range of illustrations, into how to be more successful in life and not only in a job interview. "You can win a Job Interview" will give you the confidence, and more importantly, the knowledge and interview skills you want for soaring through virtually any job interview with grand success. This book is a real-life, down-to-earth, step-by-step tool that'll give you a clear advantage in handling anything that the most hardened and skeptical job interviewers can throw at you. This book will give you a skill that you'll be able to use over and over, since research shows that people change their jobs 4 to 5 times over the course of their lives.